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Awards and Honors (selected)

1963-64, Edward John Noble Foundation Fellow
1973, Recipient of Selman A. Waksman Honorary Lectureship Award presented by Theobold Smith Society, NJ Branch, American Society for Microbiology
1974, Recipient of Third Annual Lewis Rosenstiel Award, Brandeis Univ.
1974 July, Battelle Memorial Foundation Fellow, Seattle, WA
1976 Sept, International Cell Research Organization (UNESCO-ICRO)
1976-77, Philips Lecturer, Haverford College
1981 Nov, National Lecturer, American Society for Microbiology
1986-present, Elected Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1987-present, Elected Council Member, Biophysical Society
1987-present, Elected Member, National Academy of Sciences
1988, Harvey Lecturer
1988, Nathan Kaplan Memorial Lecturer, Univ. Calif., San Diego
1989, Philips Lecturer, Haverford College
1987-91, Member, Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDKD), Chairman 1991-92
1987-1988, Welcome Visiting Professor, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
1988, Kenneth Cole Award, American Biophysical Society
1988, Albert Einstein Distinguished Alumnus Award
1993, 3M Life Sciences Award, shared with Dr. Peter C. Nowell
1989, George A. Feigen Memorial Lecturer, Stanford University
1991, Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab Scientific Advisory Board
1993, Elected Chairman, Gordon Conference on Transport
1993, Harold Lamport Lecturer, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University
1993, Univ. of Helsinki Medal and Special Lecture, Helsinki, Finland
1993 & 1994, Jacques & Giselle Weisman Lecturer, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem, Israel
1995, Member of Advisory Board at SAAC Review meeting, Weizmann Institute of Science
1996, Member of the Fairchild Review board for Nobel Laureate Stanley Prusiner, UCSF
1996, Honoree at International workshop : "Molecular Mechanism of Energy Coupling in Transport Systems," honoring 60th birthday and lifetime achievement," Villefranche-sur-Mére, France
1996, Mt. Sinai Dean's Lecture Series, Dean’s Lecture, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
1996, Distinguished Lecture Series on Molecular Biology, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, NJ
1997, Max Gruber Lecturer, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
1997, Keynote Speaker, Second Annual Research Retreat at Woods Hole, Sponsored by the University of Massachusetts
1997, Fellow of American Academy of Microbiology
1998, Speaker, Symposium Celebrating the Rededication of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University School of Medicine
1998, Keynote Speaker, Eighth Fisher Winternational Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Biology, Banff, Alberta, Canada
1998, Plenary Lecturer, European Bioenergetics Conference, Sweden
1998, Speaker, Symposium in honor of Prof. Jürg P. Rosenbusch,University of Basel, Switzerland
1999, Speaker, Meeting to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Bioenergetics, Japan
2000, 2nd Coleman Fellow in Life Sciences, Noun Shavit Memorial Lecture Fund, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel
2001, Fellow of Biophysical Society
2003, Keynote Speaker, Japan Biochemistry Society, Tokyo
2004 6th Annual Melvin V. Simpson Lecture, Stoney Brook University
2004, Keynote speaker, Israel Biochemical Society Meeting
2004, 97th UCLA Faculty Research Lecture
2005, 11th Koeppe Lecture, Oklahoma State University. 2002 Peter F. Curran Lecturer, Yale University, New Haven, CT
2002, Rosetta Briegel Barton Lecturer, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
2003, Speaker, Nobel Symposium “Membrane Proteins: Structure, Function and Assembly,” Sweden
2003, Plenary Lecturer, RIKEN/BBSRC Joint Symposium at Spring-8, Japan- UK Membrane Protein Structure Biology Symposium, Osaka, Japan
2004, Speaker, Joseph F. Hoffman Symposium on Membrane Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT
2004, George Connell Guest Lecturer, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2005, Koepe Memorial Lecturer, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
2006, Lecturer, Memorial Symposium for Robert Kadner, American Society for Microbiology meeting, Orlando, FL
2007, Anatrace Membrane Protein Award, Biophysical Society, Long Beach, CA
2008, Philip Handler Memorial Lecture, Duke University Germany
2008, Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
2008, Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
2008, Speaker, Symposium, “The Unbearable Complexity of Life”, Tel Aviv University, Israel
2008, Lecturer, “Transport”, Erice, Italy
2008, Lecturer, DFG Symposium, “Plant Transport”, Hirschberg Castle, Nurenberg, Germany
2008, Plenary Lecturer, SMYTE (Small Molecule Yeast Transport and Bioenergetics) Symposium, Braha, Portugal
2009, Lecturer, SFB Program, Goethe University & Max-Planck Institute for Biophysics, Frankfurt, Germany
2009, Philip Handler Memorial Lecturer, Duke University
2009, Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, Haverford College, Haverford, Penna.
2009, First Presidential Distinguished Lecture, Texas Tech Univ. Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX.
2010, Dean’s Laureate Lecture, Univ. Pittsburgh Medical School, Pittsburgh, Pa.
2010, Plenary Speaker, Membrane Proteins: Structure & Function, Cold Sprint Harbor Conferences Asia, Suzhou, China 2010, Speaker, 24th Annual Symposium of The Protein Society, San Diego, CA
2010, Speaker, S.H. White Symposium "Frontiers in Membrane and Membrane Protein Biophysics: Experiments and Theory," UC Irvine, CA
2011, Speaker, Biophysical Society 55th Annual Meeting, “The Alternating Access Mechanism in the Era of Transporter Structures,” Baltimore, MD
2012, Louis Nahum Lecture, Yale University, New Haven, CT
2012, Plenary Lecture, Pan American Plant Membrane Biology Workshop, Asilomar, CA
2012, Speaker, "Transporters, the Most Interesting Membrane Proteins", Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
2012, Awarded Peter Mitchell Medal, 17th European Bioenergetics Conference, University of Freiburg, Germany
2012, Opening Lecture, European Bioenergetics Congress, Freiburg, Germany
2012, Provost's Lecture, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KA
2012, Speaker, "NIH Roadmap to Membrane Protein Structures and Complexes", San Francisco, CA
2013, Invited Speaker, Seminar, NYU, New York, NY
2013, Invited Lecturer, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
2013, Invited Speaker, Cold Springs Harbor Asia Conferences: Membrane Protein Structure and Function, Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference, Suzhou, China
2013, Invited Speaker, Gordon Research Conference “Mechanisms of Membrane Transporter” Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA
2013 Storer Lecturer, University of California Davis


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